There’s a Godfather’s Pizza place about 3 block away from our house. While driving home yesterday, the kids and I passed by a 4×4 pulling out of Godfather’s. They were waiting to pull out into the street from the frontage area, and had 3 boxes of pizza sitting on the roof of their car. I did a quick look behind me to make sure that there were no cars, then blocked their vehicle from being able to pull into the street.

Inside were a young-ish couple, and the looks on their faces were great. The driver, an average looking fellow, had a very ‘pissed off’ look. The passenger, well she seemed scared.

I rolled down my window and indicated to them to do the same. The driver goes from mad to confused, while the passenger goes from scared, to I think she realized what I was going to say.

I say to them, “You have 3 boxes on your car’s roof.” The passenger hits the driver on the arm, and the guy is totally embarrassed. He says “Thank you very much”, in a sheepish manner. Then puts the car into park and gets out while we drive away.

The whole interaction was less than 15 seconds in length. But I am amazed at the range of emotions they showed in such a surprising situation. Fear, confusion, anger, stunned recognition of the situation, mild embarrassment, humor, and gratitude.

I hope their pizza was tasty.